Friday, January 10, 2014

"Hommes de Chocolat "

Chocolate Men

"I like my men like I like my chocolates"- Cindy Blanco

Chocolate has been known to be the secret antidote to a woman's hormonal typhoon. lol This is not necessarily a total lie. Invented almost 3,100 years ago by the Aztecs (or so scientists have claimed,) this luscious dessert is a woman's getaway from, well, anything.

Chocolate is rich, sweet, smooth, sensational, delightful, soothing, soft, an explosion of goodness!

But Chocolate may also be chivalrous, sexy, and luxurious. I want my future guy to be like my favorite types of chocolates. I want him to be my getaway from a hard day's struggle and my favorite part of the day. Wanting someone who is sexy depends solely on one's personal definition of being sensual. A chocolate square is always unpredictable but never failing. One may prefer chocolates with almonds, or coconut. Or even with the silky smooth filling that oozes onto your craving buds at your first bite of that chocolate square. Forrest Gump's mother said "Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

There is a common stereotype about French men being the delegates of romanticism and chivalry. It's so hard to tell at first glance. I've only been a week here and I have not encountered myself with love at first sight. But I have, however, been greeted the time of day by casual hommes and they've held doors for me and stopped the elevators for me. My eyes have witnessed couples by the water fountains reading books together, roller-blading through the park and ever so often glancing secretly at each other.

How about a chocolate bar whose flavors are hard to decipher? Is that a hint of cinnamon or nutmeg? Did I just get a crunch of hazelnuts or was that sugared peanuts? How about a bar of chocolate bar that inspires you?
 I like my chocolates the way I'd like my spouse to be- a whip of passion: passion for life, passion for languages and cultures, a passion for adventures and novels, maybe a hint of nuts: sane is boring and predictable :);  a bit of coconut: so he knows and appreciates the value of family and a 'home;' I want my chocolate with just a little bit of smooth caramel inside: for the late nights when I get home tired and he understands, and tries to make me feel better, and makes me feel appreciated and most of all, loved. A chocolate so bite-sized that I'll be the only to have it and I will make it my personal life goal to appreciate those ingredients and always be hungry to discover its new flavors.

That is my recipe for sexy. It's not all about the abs and hairline. Although those are bonus points! 

P.S If you're travelling to Paris, I strongly recommend taking time to stop at any local chocolate store and savor the countless chocolates they have to offer. It is a real delight! (I do mean actual chocolates)