Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Maktub" Or " Renaissance"

On January 2nd, I headed off to the journey of a thousand miles... leaving behind everything and everyone; leaving behind tears and broken smiles, leaving behind my favorite old socks and my special bed blanket. Nothing can ever describe the way it feels to say goodbye to the people you love the most and to your familiar life.
But that's just what being young is about. It's about following your dreams and letting go of the known and familiar and set out to the unknown! We landed in Newark, NJ around 6:38 and the city was ever so beautiful from above! Clear skies and shiny lights- I couldn't even see the horizon. When it was time for boarding  ( two hours later) I had my first taste of snow! Boarding, I felt the ice sprinkling on my face and swiftly flowing on a little French girl's hair in front of me. As a "Cruffy" (hence, the name of my blog) I wasn't accustomed to that type of weather. Twice I 'almost' witness snow, but for some reason or the other, I had moved away too soon.
I was pretty psyched at the sight of snow and I was later switched seats so I had a better view! The wind blew it back and forth, in swirls and twirls on the plane's wing, and I watched it as it started to accumulated and glitter in the airport lights. It was phenomenal! It reminded me of cupcakes for some reason!
As I gazed at the wind and the snow- merging together as if watching a man and woman dance swiftly across the dancefloor following each other's rhythm, I caught a glance at the gate beside me. It was labelled Gate 91. For many, the number has no meaning. For a life enthusiast like me, I immediately believed that the universe was trying to speak to me! If you haven't read Paulo Coelho's "Alchemist," you really should. I was born in 1991 so you can only imagine how psyched I was to think that the universe was trying to show me that this was my new beginning- it was my rebirth. I smiled and thought to myself that this was a once-in-a-lifetime journey and I needed to make the best of it no matter how hard it gets...
My favorite quote from the Alchemist was "Maktub" which is Arabian for "It is Written," meaning that your destiny is already set out- that nothing is coincidence. Everything that happens to you, with you, about you is meant to happen and we need to accept that even if they are bad things- because even when we hit the hard times, it is only a pathway to better and bigger things for ourselves. It is written!