Tuesday, February 11, 2014

City of Love but no Lover?

Its that time of year again when the place gets filled with Red Kisses and Roses, and chocolates, and its all about the love movies on TV and Facebook gets overly crowded with hash-tags like #bestboyfriendever #sweetestdateever #love #loveforever #lovehim and then I be like #yolo.

Society has slowly forced single people to look at Valentine's Day as a reminder of how lonely and pathetic they are. So, many of us are getting emotionally prepared for what lays ahead of the week and already we feel as if though we're being smothered with all this lovey mushy atmosphere and we 'pretend' to hate it only because we don't have it. But do we really not have it?

Someone asked me a very interesting question. "Cindy you're in the City of Love and you're single. Do you think that'll get to you?"  Now now, friend. I am not bombarding you lol. This is a legit question. Will it hit me? Will I be annoyed and feel as if though a guy is the only thing that will make me feel happy? Chocolates give me bliss all year round. Screw chocolates on Vday. So my fellow singles, will you be sad and empty on Valentines Day? The way the media and society want you to?

I say screw it! I say lift up your head princess or that tiara will fall. I refuse to sit back and mope around the place when I only live once and hold the key to my own happiness. The day will be spent with my friends and it will be filled with love, laughter, food, beer and facebook messages to my friends at home and my family. Because they are my real valentine- they love me and show me throughout the entire year!

So I suggest you get up and go have fun! I will buy myself a red rose (because I can) and I will treat myself to some wine (because I deserve it) and I will dress in red and wear that strawberry flavored lipstick (because its so sexy.) Because I love myself... because I am my own valentine. Because you gotta love life and love all the little things about it. Celebrate the fact that you are loved. Celebrate the fact that you love that movie, and those old pair of jeans. Celebrate that you love spaghetti or maybe sushi. Celebrate love in all that you do!

I am in love with the idea of love and that is my inspiration for this year's Valentine's Day. I will be out taking pictures with my friends and pictures of lovers in the City of Love. I will flirt with life and be charmed by the Parisian sunset. I look forward to one day spending a romantic get away with my future boyfriend (there's no denying that...) but for the meanwhile, I'll have my own adventures and spend the day of love with love <3

I may be Cinderella but I certainly don't need no Prince Charming to come and rescue me...

Bisou Bisou :*

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