Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dangling Keychains

Its been an entire month since I've last posted on the blog. I've been tied with scholastic obligations and this specific blog was very long... very..complicated.

Originally, I was going to name this blog "Locked Forever"- inspired by my trip to the Lover's Bridge a couple weeks ago. I saved the draft and when I added my new material- changed it to "Sinking Keys"... hopefully you'll understand why.

February 26th, 2014

A visit to the Notre Dame in Paris today led me to the infamous Love Lock bridge in Paris- yes, THAT bridge from the show and the movies. Magic surrounds the bridge and its remarkable to read these locks, and see locks locked on other locks due to limited spaces. Its a sight to see! 

As I walked away into the sunset, I faced the inevitable questions that one may come across the love lock bridge. While this may seem as a very romantic gesture that your special someone can do for you, I wondered how many of these locks' love was still locked away forever. How many of these couples are still together? How many of these wedding locks are still tied in holy matrimony? How many of these were locked by cheating, lying hands? If I jump over this bridge, will I be killed by the millions of rusty keys in the water? Skeptical, isn't it?

March 15th, 2014

My blog takes a huge turn today(bad choice of words?) While I first wanted to talk about locking love away forever, the missing airline that is all over the news gave me new thoughts and meditation. 

Trying to go about my daily routine, I took some time to sit down and follow up on the Malaysia airplane and came across different theories. Sitting here, I find myself crying and shaking. For a split minute, my mind created an image of myself in the hands of hijackers and in a few seconds I pictured my mother's desperation, my family, my friends- all wondering where I was.

These families are all connected by two very important keys: they have someone who's missing and they are holding on to hope.

Hope. What do we do with hope? Do we keep locked on it forever and throw away the key? Or do we hide the key under the mattress? 


April 2nd, 2014 

The time has come to close this blog post. The longer I keep it open, more events trigger my emotions and it's important that I get closure on all these floating thoughts. 

Have you looked at your key chains lately? We hold so many keys that we've forgotten which lock they go to. Some might not even be useful anymore. I still have the key to a diary that I don't even have anymore! 

Life is the same way. Locks - the object of security or safety- can be very dangerous. How many times have we locked pride in our hearts and thrown away the key? Think about friendships lost, and grudges that last a lifetime. The sea of life is filled with so many unnecessary keys- keys that might be too deep to ever find again, keys that have dissolved and disappeared in time. Irreversible. 

How many secrets have we locked away that would've changed someone's life? "I should have told her I loved her." There are millions of murder cases that will never be answered. Their secrets have gone to the grave in history along with its victims.

We lock away our hearts to avoid being hurt. Do you remember what happened to Davvy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean? Ouch. 

We tend to lock ourselves in conformity too often. If you ever dare to chase your dreams, you will need to let go of the known and be open to the unknown. Moving to Paris was the most amazing yet hardest thing for me to. There are countless things that I left behind, things that I had to let go of- things that I lost the keys to and locks that have no keys.

Maybe the key to life is to have less keys. The less keys you hold, the less weight on your jeans- on your heart. Live a life of open locks and an open mind. Don't lock pride, grudges nor bad memories. Why have all that extra clinking? 

Lock away your dreams and throw away the key so that you never give up on them. Lock away love when you find that special someone and you're sure that your love is forever. Lock away hope- because hope is what can keep a heart going, even when the day is hard. Lock away warm memories- because they will make you cherish the past and look forward to the future. 

Take some time to look at your key chain. How many keys does yours have?

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