Saturday, May 10, 2014


Dedicated to Mothers everywhere, especially to Silvia Flores, Cynthia Murray, Nancy Moore, Kayleigh Moore, Rosita Cruz, Iris Cuello, Rina Mendez, Liz Betancourt, Melanie Blanco, Thara Blanco and to my guardian angel - Lorena Blanco. 

I found my inspiration for this blog entry exactly a week ago, while I was strolling behind Les Halles in the city of love. The metro station is one of the busiest in the city- everyone's in a rush, everything's in a blur. 

     There was a familiar wave of sound- the gushing sound of spring waters in a hot summer day's whispering breeze. Following the crowd and directing myself to the source of the gurgles, I found myself near the Fontaine des Innocents (Fountain of Innocents) and I pulled out the Mother's Day card I had just bought and sat there for a while- pen in hand, trying to catch my breath and organize my thoughts and words. 
      Writer's block hit me as my eyes concentrated on the water, falling in sheets of crystal, basin by basin, glistening here and there at the touch of the sun's warm rays. A fountain so majestic, with so much beauty with the details of her structure, of her design- is with every right, the center of attention in the park it was placed in. Was that not the purpose in the first place?  To be noticed? To ease the fast crowd and fast life?
     Dumbstruck by the beauty and magic, I decided to describe to my mother exactly what I was looking at and share the emotions that penetrated my heart and flowed into my soul that afternoon.

         The words started to flow on the pink flowered card and they described the many cracks and tattered surfaces of the fountain. I sat there amazed at the thought that something so old and wrinkled, probably even forgotten, withstanding the heaviness of times -century after century- can still stand so tall and confident and look ever so beautiful doing so. There is a divine beauty in even the most broken of things. 
       Pen aside, I watched as lovers sat near the fountain, as the men in uniform sat down and enjoyed their subs, stopping ever so often to take a glance at the fountain. There were kids running around and throwing wishes into the fountain with the smiles of everlasting hope and unwritten dreams. It was hard to imagine being in the center of an urban city like Paris- a city that never sleeps, when you find yourself in this little hidden oasis. 

     I saw that this was the resting place for walkers by, the place of utter peace and meditation for the troubled mind, the place of inspiration for the poetic heart, the place to cry when you write your first mother's day card abroad, the place to console the tears and the place of finding a spiritual encounter with God. Because that's exactly what I felt when I gazed at le fontaine while thinking of my mother.

       Mom, you, like many other women I admire, stand tall like this fountain I came across. You stand firm in the midst of chaos and troubled waters- firm in your wisdom; firm in your strength; and firm in your faith. Women are God's gift to the world and mothers are the fountain of life. There are no words to describe the love a child holds for his mother. 
      To you mothers who work two, three, four jobs- working tiring hours at the office, in the hospital, in the salon, in the classroom, in the cafe or at home- and still manage to end the day with a heart filled with joy and a smile as radiant as the blue sea- let me just tell you that we love you and we thank you. 
       You are our fountains of rest and of joy- our place of refuge and of hope. We run to you- our angels- for warm hugs and the occasional "everything will be alright" because we only believe it when mom says it. Because mom is the only one who will cry with you and wish she was going through the painful moments for you. 
         You are beautiful with every crease, every love handle, every wrinkle and every silver hair you flaunt. You are beautiful because you were designed that way by angels- and like the fountain, you age slowly and your radiance only grows with time. Like the fountain, you bring us closer to peace. You bring us closer to God. 
           To younger mothers, be like Le Fontaine des Innocents. Be glorious and strong- be a fountain that flows with springs of wisdom, patience, love, joy and faith. Be a fountain that refreshes the heart, cleanses the soul and flows into the lives of those around you. Design yourself in a way that years from now, you will still be the place of refuge your children seek. 
         Mom: you are my fountain of hope; my fountain of peace. I love you so much and I miss you everyday. Happy Mother's Day 


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